I know, I know. I know what you are thinking: Not another crafting/knitting/DIY blog. Not another forum for techniques, current projects, DIY tutorial, or product reviews. While I can’t promise I won’t eventually tap  into those areas my goal is hopefully a bit different. My focus is not solely on techniques, projects, or reviews, but what knitting teaches me about life and how I am a better wife, mother, and person because of my passion for knitting. It is in those quiet moments where life and knitting begin to weave together creating subtle self-realizations and epiphanies. These are what I wish to share.

Who am I? Well, I am a 30-something wife to my husband, mother to our beautiful daughter and golden retriever, addict of coffee, lover of travel, experimenter of cooking, eager learner, and passion for all things knitting. I am stubborn, a perfectionist, and my own worst critic, which makes life interesting to say the least. My passion for knitting developed slowly over time and grew with the encouragement from my husband. My grandmother and mother began to teach me as a child. I did not pick up the hobby again until my mid-twenties. For the last 4 years, I have devoted myself to learning everything I can: yarn, history, patterns, focusing on why techniques and stitches are used, and improving my personal execution. I am by no means an expert, yet, but do aspire to receive my Master Handknitting pin and certificate from The Knitting Guild Association one day. It is my love of all things knitting related that has resulted in my family encouraging me to begin a blog as a means of capturing and sharing my life lessons, beginning designs, and of course projects.

What is Seraphina Knits? It is the brain child of my husband as he developed both the name and logo as I venture into my own blog, designs, and selling of finished products. My mission is to communicate passion for knitting thereby, hopefully, inspiring and encouraging others in my generation to pick up the hobby as knitting is no longer just for “old ladies”.

This adventure is a learning process so I ask for a bit of patience as we begin this project. Now that I’ve casted on, let’s see how this knits up.


Seraphina Knits


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