How much time?

As I lay in bed falling asleep last night, I found myself asking this question and having this internal dialog:

How much time did you really spend with S today? I mean, yes, you didn’t really clean because of the sandstorm and you were with her the whole day, but how much of that time was I sitting with her and checking Facebook? Yes, I did need to organize the final details of her play date today, but that was just a few minutes.

Needless to say I went to sleep feeling a bit guilty and selfish that I had “lost” a day with her. As a new mom, I know I need to check-out every now and then to maintain my sanity. I also know that I can’t be totally engaged all the time. I do have a lot going on between her, my husband, training courses, building my website, and teaching ballet. There really isn’t a lot of “me” time left. Is the “me” time that I want time where I am engrossed in Facebook? No. With that in mind, I am challenging myself and uninstalling Facebook from my cellphone.

I challenge you to ask the same question: How much time did you really spend with your loved ones today?


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