Spit Splice

Life lesson learned: Never, ever do a spit splice with your observant toddler near you as she will try to spit splice her animal cookies. When that fails, she will demonstrate how gooey animal crackers are a good face and hair mask.

What is spit splicing? It is a technique not for the dainty knitter if you truly spit as the name implies. It is a way of joining wool yarns by felting the ends together. Craftsy provides a clear and concise tutorial on their blog. I love this technique because I am able to use every bit of yarn in a ball. I silently twitch each time I have to leave a tail to later weave in as I feel like I am wasting yardage.

Here is the link to Craftsy’s blog post as I can’t seem to get it to link correctly in the text: http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/02/fix-it-friday-spit-splice/


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