High 5 for Friday

My goal is to publish a top 5 list every fortnight (in a perfect world it would be weekly). The 5 items will not always be knitting related. Just my top 5 favorite things at the moment. Given this is the first, I felt it was only appropriate this be 5 things about me:

  1. I am so grateful and thankful for my beautiful family! I have the privilege of being part of a multi-cultural family. While I have had a steep learning curve, my family is supportive, encouraging, and ecstatic for what I have learned, how quickly I have adapted, and fit it. My husband is a wonderful teacher and I am always so grateful for everything he does for me and our family. We finally visited Lebanon in July and I fell in love with the country! Absolutely gorgeous!
  2. I am a computer geek. In school I studied Cyber Security and in addition to learning my way around WordPress, I am enrolled in Skillcrush’s Web Developer blueprint program. They are a wonderful training company/program and if you are interested in design or development, I highly recommend them!
  3. Code Academy is  a wonderful resource for learning code. It is a free educational site and they walk you through the basics! I used this as an introductory before committing money to a developer program.
  4. I am hopelessly over-committed when it comes to knitting. I am never content with just one project on my needles. I do reach a point where I go on a finishing streak and refuse to cast-on anything else until my project bags are cleared out.
  5. I love wine, which is a problem given I live in an Arab Gulf country where purchasing alcohol is an adventure in itself. My favorite is Malbec…a perfect red wine in my opinion. It doesn’t have the harsh oak bite of a merlot and it isn’t a sweet dessert wine. Although, if you want a great cheap wine (under $10, Sutterhome’s White Merlot is wonderful as well).

Happy Friday!

Seraphina Knits


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